Candid- Spontaneity, Reality

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Being candid,being real,being spontaneous…..

Being honest….

The above mentioned words are all synonyms of each other..

Being candid means being natural…

You know what reminds me of candid at a first glance ??…..


How true they natural they are..aren’t they?That is the reason everyone loves them, be it be a candid photograph or a candid perrson…

Whatever a candid person speak everything is spontaneous and spontaneity means there’s honesty….

Who doesn’t love an honest person? Everyone does ……

Those are the people who, in this world where wearing multiple masks has been a trend since long ago, believe going without a mask….

Wearing multiple masks falsifies the devil concealed underneath. Although slight difficult yet,projecting the actual ME is what owes to be loved, respected and obliged… That is why candid people are precious …..


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