via Trill

Wintery night….. Empty roads…. Houses with doors and windows shut, inside there were happy families having peaceful sleep in their safe shell, warm shell….

In a similar house, He lived alone, a young brat, he enjoyed his winter nights drinking and dancing alone.

On one such night, it was striking 11:00pm on the clock when…

when..suddenly his door bell rang. He went on to open the door where he found a middle-aged woman in a completely distressed condition…

She was weak, she was shaking due to cold, she barely had any clothes on her body..

He asked her, “Who are you?, What do you want?”….. She said with a trembling, shaking voice, “I want shelter for one night, my husband “raped” me again…., that’s why I had to run away and leave my own home”…

The TRILL in her voice made him time travel back and recollect the similar TRILL of his mother’s voice…



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