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Hat on his head, wearing a long coat with collars turned up, he hurriedly headed towards his home… It was nearly 9:00pm of a winter night at Kalimpong, when he remembered, he had to buy a bottle of acid for his laboratory work… There was a chemist shop nearby his home which supposedly kept such acids and was the only shop that kept open till 10:00pm…

He went there….. To his surprise, the man who used to run shop wasn’t there instead there was a girl who was shuttering down the shop…

He rushed towards her and requested her to wait for sometime.. She stood with her back towards him and asked him,” What do you want”?..he replied,” I want a bottle of acid for my laboratory work”.

She turned around..she was wearing a full sleeve red cardigan and green gloves on her hands and her face was covered by a green coloured scarf..her eyes was the only part of her body that was visible…

She replied with an INKLING in her voice,Acid?”…”We do not keep acids in our shop”!

He didnot say a word and returned.. But that INKLING didn’t let him sleep..

The next day,he went there again but this time the man was back.. He asked him for the same bottle of acid and the man provided him so..

He said the shopkeeper,” Yesterday I came to your shop and asked for this bottle of acid but , a lady was there, she said you do not keep any acids”….

The shopkeeper remained silent for a while…..


The shopkeeper replied,

She is my daughter….. She is an ACID ATTACK VICTIM……..

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  1. Acid attacks are a social evil. I have written poem about it. Take a look

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      1. Thanks for reading it,

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      2. Thank you too for reading and liking my writings

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      3. Do check my new post too..i hope that you will like it😊


      4. Do comment on how it was..that would help me to improve..😁


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