screenshot_2018-01-29-19-25-47-1-1567433676.pngvia Stifle

He belonged to one of the most renowned businessman’s family, he was the only son of the family..

Attending parties, drinking alcohol, everything was very normal for him.. His own credit card, own car, friends, girlfriends everything was always available for him to enjoy… He could be called a spoiled brat…


It was only that day, when he met her..

No..she was not anyone of his girlfriends, she didn’t even belonged to any businessman’s family..

He met her at the temple. ..where he and his family went for some ‘puja’..

Her eyes, her hair everything said something.. there was something different about her.. So graceful she was, that one glance for her was enough to STIFLE him..

The spolied brat fell for some girl truly that day.. He became a gentleman that day… She stifled him…

Love bloomed around him..which made him go to that temple the next day again and made him go on his knees in front of her..

Sounds good..isn’t it?

It wouldn’t have…

Only if we knew that SOCIETY STIFLED LOVE…

She was a ‘devdasi’ at the temple….


Photo credit: Google


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