via Cavity

At the age of 13, she went to the dentist, since she got CAVITY on her molars and premolars… She was afraid..The dentist consoled her..he smiled and said, “It’s ok dear, there is nothing to be afraid of these cavities”….

At the age of 19, she realised that… Yes… Each and every word of the dentist was true.. There was nothing to be afraid to be of THOSE cavities…. because the CAVITIES OF HER LIFE were even more dangerous than that..

You shall be wondering what was the cavity of her life…

IT WAS HER MOTHER….. who left her along with her father for another man..

She became introvert..she used to lock herself inside the house….

She was NOT ashamed…

She felt hollow…

The CAVITY in her life made her a living corpse…who eats, talks,walks,watch… But lacked emotions…!

Photo credit: Google


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  1. nice usage of the prompt….great thinking….

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