via Conveyor

Both were his best friends… Both met through him…

The first day when the three met, he introduced them to each other..

Late at night, that day, when all three were back in their respective homes.. She texted him, ” How do you make such cute bestfriends”?

He replied,” Hehe! You found him cute 😉 “?

He received one more message then.. It was from said,” She is cute”.

He smiled to himself and a new love story began… The best friend got one more tag then CONVEYOR!

Since, lovers can’t talk over the phone while at home, best friend did the job for them then and even when they fought…

10 years later, on their marriage ceremony both exchanged glances with him.. He being the Conveyor again…

Someone has fairly said, ” Habits doesn’t change easily”. 🙂


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