via Insist

at times, life insists me to be harsh at you, to be rude..                                                                   I yell at you,  for absolutely no reason!                                                                                               I overthink, I am insecure, I don’t know about what! but, yes at times I feel insecure, I am scared, if you stop loving me someday….                                                                                            I don’t want you to hate me, I don’t really..

I need you.. I know you are there, I am just overthinking.. you are there for me…. you are mine! 

I should stop overthinking because this is killing me!

These are some negativities that one feel at times and it is absolutely normal but always remember overthinking would kill you, when life insists you to overthink give it a savage by acting cool and not panicking, by not getting insecure.. if you feel insecure or have any doubts, then don’t keep it within yourself, speak it out, discuss.. you will feel free..

You would feel like you are a free bird who has just been freed from it’s cage, you would feel like you are the happiest person in this world! 🙂





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