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There wasn’t a single day when my mom didn’t yell at me for leaving my room messy… She would always say,” The way you keep your room like, that’s how your life will be like”. And guess what she was absolutely correct..!

Then, I would get offended, angry at her saying so to me, but…

Mothers can never be wrong.. they are always right..

One day, when I returned home and went to my room, I found that my room was in a condition that it was when I left home, i.e., it was in the same condition, and of course messy.. So, I went upto my mom and asked her if her health was fine because unlike other days that day she didn’t organise my room, she replied that health was totally fine.. but from that day she declared that she won’t be organising my room anymore.. I asked her that why, what happened, did I do anything wrong or something.. she replied, that there ain’t anything wrong, it was just that she won’t always be there for me to clear all the mess.. may it be my messy room, my messy hair or my messy life…

She told me, that I would have to do things by myself from now, I would have to learn to clear the mess by myself from now.. so she asked me to start clearing the messes from my room… so that when it comes to clear the mess of life, it would definitely be harder than clearing room but nothing new…

So, finally when the ‘FINE MESSY DAY’ came into my life, I related each and every saying of my mother and just wished..

only if you were a little easier.. only if you were my room I could have requested my mom to organise it for one last time..



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  1. tintins says:

    This is a great read. A lesson taught by a wise mother.

    Liked by 1 person

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